How to Protect Your Money While You Travel

Financial Tips

Many people are traveling again. Here are some simple precautions you can take before you leave and while on a trip to reduce your risk of running into trouble.

Tell Your Financial Institution

Before you leave home, especially if you’re traveling internationally or far from home, let your financial institution know the details of your trip. This will help you avoid an instance in which your bank declines a transaction because it’s coming from a different location. Some banks also pay special attention to transactions while you’re traveling to keep an eye out for especially large transactions or those that appear fraudulent.

Have a Backup Plan

One thing you definitely want to avoid when traveling is losing all of your payment forms, leaving you without any way to make purchases while abroad. To prevent this, make use of your hotel room safe and leave some cash and a credit card behind in your room when you go out exploring. This will offer you a backup method of payment in case your wallet or purse is lost or stolen.

Keep It Close to the Vest

When you’re out and about while traveling, be smart about how you carry your money and documents, especially if you’re in a crowded area. Rather than a big purse, carry only the essentials in a small bag that you can hold close to your body as you walk. If you’re in an area especially known for pickpockets, consider a belt or vest to keep your valuables hidden under your clothing.

Know Who to Call

Before you depart, write down the contact information for your bank so that you know who to call if something goes wrong. For example, many credit and debit cards have the bank’s phone number on the back. However, if someone steals your card and you need to report it to the bank, you won’t have that option. Keeping a slip of paper with the contact number close by will give you a lifeline.

Protect Your Documents

Your passport, any immigration paperwork you received at the border, and customs declarations are all crucial to smoothly making your way between countries. Keep these items safe by leaving them in your hotel room, if it is secure, or carrying them close to your body. Before leaving home, you can take photos or make copies of things like your ID or passport and stow them separately in your luggage. These can be helpful if the originals are lost or stolen.

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