Account-to-Account Transfers

Money in, money out

Now you can easily transfer money to or from other banks using account-to-account transfers through TransferNow. Transfer money between your Bank of Sun Prairie accounts or from your accounts at other financial institutions — no checks, cash deposits or branch visits required!

Use online transfers to:

  • Transfer money into a joint account for shared household expenses.
  • Move money from a savings account for emergency expenses.
  • Make Bank of Sun Prairie loan payments from an account at another financial institution.
  • Put money in a vacation fund to help with travel budgeting.
  • Set aside money to an account dedicated for a new home, large purchase or you’re your retirement plan.

Get started today using Bank of Sun Prairie Online Banking and Mobile Banking. Or contact us today!


How do account-to-account transfers work?

Account-to-account transfers allow you to transfer money back and forth between your account at Bank of Sun Prairie and accounts you hold at other financial institutions. This convenient option will save you time and money — you no longer need to go to the branch to obtain a cashier’s check or establish an outgoing wire transfer.

How do I start using account-to-account transfers?

For first-time account-to-account transfer users, you must log in to Bank of Sun Prairie Online Banking from a browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Then navigate to the Transfer Tab and click “Launch External Transfer.” Once you complete these steps, you are enrolled in account-to-account transfer and can access it using the Bank of Sun Prairie Mobile app.

When you initiate a transfer, you see the delivery speed option(s) available to you. The external account must be validated first before delivery options are available.

Is there a fee?

There is no fee for standard delivery of one to three days; there may be a fee to use the expedited service to make a transfer from your bank to another financial institution. Any applicable fees will be displayed when you initiate the transfer.

How will I know if my account is eligible?

You can transfer money to and from most accounts. Check with Bank of Sun Prairie for limitations regarding the accounts that can be sent to and from and any fees that may apply. 

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