Express Deposits

Streamlined & secure

Increase the safety of your people and your funds with a simple solution that reduces trips to the bank. Express Deposit lets you scan and deposit checks electronically over a secure connection — so you can spend more time running your business and less time running around.

To find out more about Express Deposit and the other services Bank of Sun Prairie offers that make your business banking a breeze, talk to one of our experienced, local business bankers.

Your Business Bankers Locations & Hours

Mike Solt
Mike A. Solt Vice President, Business Solutions Manager Sun Prairie - East 608.467.1772 Email Mike Connect with Mike Solt on LinkedIn
Heather Johnson
Heather L. Johnson Vice President, Business Solutions Sun Prairie - East 608.467.1804 Email Heather Connect with Heather Johnson on LinkedIn
Ashley Herro
Ashley Herro Assistant Vice President, Payment Solutions Manager Sun Prairie - East 608.467.1784 Email Ashley
Genevieve Brooks
Genevieve Brooks Business Solutions Operations Specialist Sun Prairie - East 608.467.1747 Email Genevieve Connect with Genevieve Brooks on LinkedIn
Kenzie Powley
Kenzie Powley Business Solutions Specialist Sun Prairie East 608.467.1796 Email Kenzie
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