Construction Loans

Build your way to a better construction loan

Make your dream home your own with options up to 90% loan-to-value and monthly interest-only payments based on the amount drawn during the construction phase. We streamline our construction loan financing so you can focus on floor plans and other important details. We will work with your builder and title company to ensure the draw process is smooth and stress-free.

When the job is finished, we’ll seamlessly convert your loan to permanent financing. You can rest assured you’re borrowing smart.

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Gabrielle Loeffler
Gabrielle J. Loeffler Vice President, Residential Lending Manager Sun Prairie - East 608.467.1780 Email Gabrielle View Gabrielle Loeffler’s MyMortgage Profile Connect with Gabrielle Loeffler on LinkedIn NMLS ID: 524147
Bryan Bazan
Bryan Bazan Vice President, Private Banking Manager Sun Prairie - West 608.467.1849 Email Bryan View Bryan Bazan’s MyMortgage Profile Connect with Bryan Bazan on LinkedIn NMLS ID: 631659
Michelle Hahn
Michelle A. Hahn Assistant Vice President, Residential Lender Sun Prairie - East 608.467.1786 Email Michelle View Michelle Hahn’s MyMortgage Profile NMLS ID: 762819
Andrea Belanger
Andrea Belanger Assistant Vice President, Residential Lender Sun Prairie - West 608.467.1806 Email Andrea View Andrea Belanger’s MyMortgage Profile Connect with Andrea Belanger on LinkedIn NMLS ID: 713082
Monica Gonzalez
Monica Gonzalez Assistant Vice President, Residential Lender Sun Prairie - North 608.467.1803 Email Monica View Monica Gonzalez’s MyMortgage Profile NMLS ID: 523588
Trevor Stebbins
Trevor Stebbins Assistant Vice President, Residential Lender Cottage Grove 608.467.1831 Email Trevor View Trevor Stebbins’s MyMortgage Profile NMLS ID: 526228
Shannon Krachey
Shannon Krachey Assistant Vice President, Residential Mortgage Processing Supervisor Sun Prairie - East 608.467.1791 Email Shannon NMLS ID: 2247525
Hannah Mahr
Hannah Mahr Residential Lender Assistant Sun Prairie - East 608.467.1823 Email Hannah Connect with Hannah Mahr on LinkedIn NMLS ID: 2247359

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