Business Money Market Accounts

The power of compounding interest

Feel good about investing with our high-yield money market accounts that grow with you. All you need to start earning more is a low opening deposit of $2,000.00. Interest is compounded and credited monthly, so you can relax while your money works harder!

Business money market features

  • Minimum balance to open: $2,000.00
  • Daily minimum balance: $2,000.00
  • Monthly service charge: $11.00 (waived if daily minimum balance is maintained)

Your Business Bankers Locations & Hours

Our best rates for money market accounts**

Comparison table of Money Market Account Rates**
Balance Minimum Opening Deposit Interest Rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
$0.01–$9,999.99 $2,000 0.060% 0.060%
$10,000.00–$39,999.99 $2,000 0.150% 0.150%
$40,000.00–$89,999.99 $2,000 0.300% 0.300%
$90,000.00–$249,999.99 $2,000 0.350% 0.350%
$250,000.00 or more $2,000 0.400% 0.400%

Savings Calculator

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